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Stats glitch (again, this time getting rich with CafeTran)

There is just another glitch:


This is a very seldom phenomenon, I suppose.

  • The standard value in the Billing field should be 1, not 0. This should work for 99 % of all cases. This should be enough to resolve this issue.
  • Maybe CT should then simply note "> 2.000.000", where 2.000.000 is the maximum value "allowed". Or simply set the note: "Hey, you will be rich!", "Very much" or "You can buy 25.000 CafeTran licenses now. Proceed?", depending on Igor's sense of humor.

Whoever would set 0 words for 12 euro? You are testing CafeTran like some users test their cell phones e.g. throwing out the tenth floor, dipping in water, bending or trampling on it. :). Actually, it leads to new interesting models and solutions. Thanks for catching it!

Well, 0 means "not set".  

I will never throw my beloved smartphone out of the tenth floor. Perhaps out of the second, just to test. ;-)

No seriously, shit happens, and I could also set 0.12 EUR, the result would be the same. Maybe the calculation should simply be deactivated if the number is set to 0. By the way, from a mathematical point of view, a multiplication with 0 should lead to 0.

(Stress testing by any means – though this is not my objective –  is not the worst idea).


Note: I threw out my cell phone only one more time. The limit is 9.999.999, if I see it correctly.


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