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Windows title?

The windows title of CT reflects the current file name. Nothing more. It switches the name in projects with different files.


The project name can only be retreived from Project > Project configuration

There might be two and a half sides:

  1. The project name is not that important. The status quo keeps the Ui tidy.
  2. The project name should be displayed in the title. The name of the courrent file can be displayed in the status bar (htere is still plenty of room)
  3. The project name could be displayed (instead or additionally) in the documents list view (Cmd-D)

One more possibilty:
  • set the Windows title to <Project name> – <File name> – CafeTran Espresso 2017 Yeddi, supposing that the window will in most cases wide enough to fit this all (and the first hyphen could also be replaced by a ">" or any other character


Not sure about Windows title, since I'm doing nearly everything on Mac here ...



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