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An even better Project template

Would it be possible to have the specific type of quotes conversion stored in the Project templates? Different clients require different quotes:


And different clients have different word prices too:


So it would be nice if these word prices could be stored in the PT too.

It would also be nice to be able to set a secondary word price for Repeated segments.

Whereas most settings in the PT are set in the Dashboard, the pricing and auto-assembling settings are set in CafeTran's app settings. This means that probably a new dialogue will be necessary to quickly set the settings in the PT. Which makes the chance that my request will be fulfilled, very small. Ain't I right, Igor ?

 a new dialogue will be necessary

It is very unlikely. I wish to avoid any UI complexity for peripheral features. You can actually make a valid argument that each CT preference should be included in the project template. But I think only the ones which are changed in most cases should be added to project templates. Billing will be a good addition as it is quite probable the user may need various billings.

Thank you for responding to my posting! It's always good to avoid complexity. Personally, I use glossaries to avoid the complexity TMX for terminology can bring. Anyway, I'm interested to see how the setting of pricing will be implemented without adding any new interface element or even dialogue box. For now, it can only be set via Preferences, which cannot be opened during the creation of a Project Template.

Reason why a Save as PT command should be added to the project menu: you cannot create a new PT in the Dashboard and also set the arrangement of resources. You have to do that in the Project editing view
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