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Coloured buttons in Find dialogue box

Would it be possible to colour the buttons in the Find dialogue box, or at least colour the Transfer button green?


Is it just me or is an arrangement with 

Find Transfer [Drop-down list] Replace All Replace and Edit OK

More logical and intuitive?

I'm constantly looking for the Replace All at the right-hand side.

>Is it just me... 


This might depend on your habits.
But I assume the frequency of use indeed is this what Hans suggests
  • The Transfer button is somewhat vague until you click it (at least it does not do anything evil). An arrow button (one eway, as Transfer only works one way here) at hte right hand side of the text fields could be more intuitive. To get this space, the word "segments" at the buttons of the right column could be deleted (5 x, while "Include project segments" could be set in two rows, there is enough space for that).
  • The OK button hould be renamed to Close (because that is what it actually does, but not Cancel, as the settings of the S/R box are being stored for the search bar).


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