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Question: Special characters not showing up weirdly in HTML exported file?

I'm doing translation work for my university and we have to work off an HTML file. However, when I've exported the finished translation into Spanish and I click into the file, the accents over the letters don't show up properly and instead have a random jumble of letters like @Ãę that don't correspond to the actual accents. This also happens with characters such as bullet points.

I'm using a Macbook if that makes a difference, so I hold in vowels to bring up the accented letters.

My classmate, who is working with Trados, has hers formatted perfectly without weird characters mucking up her translation.

How do I fix this?

I work with a Mac too, into French, so lots of accented letters. And everything is fine.

Are the weird characters visible in the html file per se (ie in the code itself) or only when you open it with Safari or Chrome or any browser?

When the latter happens to me it's usually the "charset=" that's the culprit. Does it say "charset=UTF-8" in the file header? It should.

I've never had any problems into another file type, only into HTML. I'll take a screenshot of what it looks like so you can get an idea. Which file header are you talking about? Sorry, I'm not great with coding or anything like that so I'm a bit useless.


So you can see that things aren't quite showing up perfectly with the accents and the £ sign.

The symbols also show up when I open the HTML with TextEdit instead of the browser.

This has definitely to do with the text encoding. Can't you contact the webmaster to get instructions?

I've pseudo translated the file and set the text encoding in Safari to Unicode, still not everything is all right.



Correction: Everything looks all right Except for the mistake in the pseudo translation for the pound character. So, you'll have to add a line to set the encoding to UTF-8. But actually, this is something the webmaster should do.



Perhaps CafeTran should be able to set the text encoding during export? Would that be something we need?

I actually got it to work following what the first user said! I had to go into the code and change the charset to UTF-8 but obviously it's a bit of a work around, especially when I have to go through and do it for 100+ files. Is there anyway to do that for multiple files at a time or is it a matter of going through and changing the code individually?

Yes, I think that would be a helpful feature to add in, especially for someone who needs to change the code for multiple files.

Normally, you use a text editor for that. Like BBEdit on Mac. You can Find and Replace in all open files or in all files in a folder. Probably there are dedicated tools too, on

>Perhaps CafeTran should be able to set the text encoding during export?

CafeTran already knows the target language. So it could set the encoding by itself ;).

That BBEdit app worked a dream, thank you very much! I'll be able to submit my project with everything looking normal. Thanks for your help!

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Great news! Glad it all worked out.

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