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REQ: Running Total Recall Import in the background

I would be nice to have the TR import routine running in the background, although (I suppose the TR function would be disabled during this, as importing e.g. a 100 K or 120 K segments TM into TR (about 100 MB)) takes quite a time, and – maybe I am mistaken – the TR function (as long as not activated) does not interfere with the rest of the program.

Uh, this works anyway. Strange, yesterday it did not function.

Anyway, would be nice to have a "You can keep on working while TR imports the TM" hint, though I know this is against the "keep it super-concise" rule of CT.

Will it be possible to use the TR feature during import? I would try this, but I really do not want to crash my TR database. It should be possible to have two accesses to the same DB in two different tables, shouldn't it?

> Will it be possible to use the TR feature during import?

Yes, it needs to be tested thoroughly.

> "keep it super-concise" rule of CT.

I like that expression. The super borders on hyper. :)

And is it possible to use TR during import? In the ned it's nothing more than a read process during a write porcess, in two different tables?

The other point is the eternal conflict between superusers ("few prompts! short texts! cool!") and beginners ("WTF is gooing on now!? how do I do the process X?"). The longer you work with a tool the more you will prefer to have few of these interactions and warnings. But I think that even superusers must be interested in always more users working with CT, as this is the only economical viable (or better) way that ensures continous development and (yeah!) sustainability. But many translators (potential CT users or leads) I work with are reluctant to a tool like CT.


And is it possible to use TR during import?

Yes, you can search keep translating and searching TR tables. However, recalling and importing data at the same time is not possible. I think it can be done only in the server-based databases (like MySQL and MariaDB), which can be used with CT instead of the default SQLite.

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