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Should CafeTran also import Multiterm bases?


It should be technically possible.

Reputed app GlossaryConverter can convert Multiterm files into TBX. CafeTran can import TBX files as TMX. I don't think the missing link is nowhere to find.

Multiterm files are often part of Studio packages. Support for this feature is appreciated very much.


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This would be much appreciated indeed!

Masato: It should be technically possible.

I bet it is, but I do think it would be quite difficult, especially for CT because it's cross-platform, whereas SDLTB is MS Access.


It can contain several languages, and lots of attributes. I wouldn't know where to begin to automate that, not even for one language pair.


>Reputed app GlossaryConverter can convert Multiterm files into TBX

Studio has to be installed, so it possibly (very likely) uses Studio's resources.

Source terms and target terms in Access databases are matched via the Concept ID. The only columns that are relevant for a CafeTran translation project are I_Source_language and I_Target_language:



Access readers are likely to be available for all supported operating systems.

Not sure if this is relevant: 

UCanAccess is a pure Java JDBC driver that allows us to read from and write to Access databases without using ODBC. It uses two other packages, Jackcess and HSQLDB, to perform these tasks. The following is a brief overview of how to get it set up.

I also support adding this feature. I have a customer who is very insistent that their glossary (despite being utter crap) must be adhered to.
Of course there are workarounds (I used TradosStudioResourceConverter, though it still took quite a bit of work to get the output from that into a useable form).

There was a suggestion a while back that CT should at least warn where a Studio package contains a glossary. I think that was an excellent suggestion.

amos: I also support adding this feature

You can be sure Igor had a close look at it years ago. The best thing we can do at the moment, is to state that "It's too difficult for Igor."

CT should at least warn where a Studio package contains a glossary

That's more feasible.


"It's too difficult for Igor."


Difficulties apart, it is usually a matter of priorities and time available.

You can be sure Igor had a close look at it years ago.

That's true. At that time, I abandoned the idea because the possible implementation would work only on Windows PC. The availability of Access drivers on the other operating system seems to have improved so I might check them.


IK: so I might check them

You see? Tell him he it's too difficult for him, and he'll try again. Predictable.


Isn't it possible to seek cooperation or advice from the provider of this Java tool?


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