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CafeTran with Studio and MemoQ

Hi everyone,

I see there are lots of discussions about Studio and CafeTran. My question is quite simple. When agencies say they only work with Studio, can we accept projects from them with CafeTran? And the same goes with MemoQ? Also, do I need to be a CafeTran wizard or is it not too complicated?

Thank you,


Just for your information, here is my version of workaround for virtually joining/splitting segments in a Studio project (here).


I'm almost tempted to add a third column to the HTML export in Word and have CafeTran import it as a bilingual review table. However, this probably also should be solved at an app level (I really like this new expression of mine).


Bilingual export table and HTML export, imported in Word. Surely, a talented programmer can do something with this.

Thank you everyone for all this information! It really helps. And yes, I thought testing out a Trados package would be the first thing to do. I'd be very grateful if someone could send me one.

Hello Claire, I can do it. For the test to be meaningful, do you want to specify a language pair and maybe send one or multiple files that you would like to use for the test? Perhaps something with formatting so that you can also test the tags. I suggest a wetransfer link, which is active for 7 days.

Or send me an email at idimitriadis at

Note: Will delete this post in a few hours.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I translate from French to English. I have to confess, I'm a little lost as to what I have to do next. Do I send you a French text and you turn it into a Studio package?

Thanks, Claire

Hello Claire,

I just suggest you send me a file that you would like to test and I will send you a FR>EN Studio package

Ok. Here's a short doc. Thank you so much for your help!



You can download the test here:

One file is the sdlxliff file for the docx you sent me, resulting from a Project creation in Trados 2015 (fr_CA > en_CA).

The other is a Trados package (.sdlppx) created from the same project. It includes an empty TM and TB, just to get a better idea of how Trados packages present themselves.

You can test either separately!

If you wish, you can attach the resulting file to check that the export works fine, but there should be no issue there.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. Do I just put it into CafeTran and go ahead or do I need to anything else or would it be best to follow Hans's video?


I don’t know which video you are referring to.

Select the resources you want to use, and simply drag and drop the file into the Dashboard!

Note that the sdlxliff file will be edited directly at its file location (no project created).

You may want to create a Memory (and a Glossary) and save them at the same folder with the Trados file for convenience.

Will do. I'll get back to you with the result!


I finally got around to having a go. There was no problem putting the sdlxliff file into CafeTran and translating it. However, I couldn't export it or preview the doc. I guess that's what you meant when you said it will be 'edited directly at its file location (no project created).' I really like looking at the doc in Word after I've translated it and often edit it there. Is that possible?

Hello Claire,


When I said "edited directly at its file location", I meant CafeTran does not create a folder in Projects with the source file, the TM/Glossary and the created .xlf file. CafeTran just opens and edits the sdlxliff file directly at its original file location.

As you saw, when you're done, you just press Finalize, which sets the Translated state for all segments in the Trados file. At this point, you send the file back to the client.

This is the catch: An sdlxliff can only be exported back to its original file format (docx in your case) from within Trados (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). So you cannot preview or export the translation in the original file format within CafeTran (you can still export to HTML and open in Word/LibreOffice if you use a correction tool there).

If you send me the file, I can export it for you using Trados.

I know it is an important point though...

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