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QA - of the source document

What do you think about Quality Assurance for the source document, especially finding and removing wrong tags?

I would be happy to remove all of the bugs before the start of translation.


Just three notes (it is not really clear if you know them)
  1. CafeTran has a docx filter for OCR'ed word files
  2. Try CodeZapper
  3. Try Translator Tools

Concerning the question if this should be somehow integrated into CT – no, I do no think so, as there are three different systems with three different word applications involved, and the filter (1) does a pretty good job.


Can you post a screenshot of these wrong tags? Perhaps you can even attach the source file?

Thank you, tre, for the info - I will try the tools.
cafetran.trainng - both, the screenshot and the source file is attached.



Hello Jan, it looks like tag is caused by a soft hyphen, possibly in combination with a soft pagebreak. Doesn't turning the automatic hyphenation off solve the problem?





Thank you fro the finding. I can remove the problem by blocking hyphenation in the source.
Anyway - my request is not a crucial one - just "nice to have" type...


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