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REQ: Display keyboard shortcuts with 2 columns... for the default shortcuts, one for the changed shortcuts.

After resetting the preferences (maybe by accident), it might be helpful to have (and backup regularly, of course) a list of all the shortcuts you changed. Just to have a clue, if these individual shortcuts are being used in AHK/KMS to automate some features.

Providing a standard list for Mac, Windows and Linux (somewhere in the 'Solutions') is another idea and just some keystrokes away from this feature.

I have stopped customising my keyboard shortcuts altogether :).

This is another point I thought about (and a reset keyboard commands for single keyboard shortcuts could be a nice feature for this).

But I have (as an example) ⌃+⇧+` for "Transfer current tag" (lazy fingers) and some more shortcuts where the letter is easier to remind than with the default shortcut.

And I suppose some beginners will begin with customizing their shortcuts as in thier former tools.

Torsten: Display keyboard shortcuts with 2 columns...

I use CheatSheet for the Mac, $free. You can save the result as a PDF. It doesn't show the changes you made, but you can compare them with a PDF compare app.



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