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Cafetran using 40% - 69% of CPU on Macbook

Hi --

I've just bought a new Macbook Pro and when I run Cafetran on it, the computer heats up to the point that it is uncomfortably hot to the touch near the location of the vents at the top edge of the computer body. I don't have a utility to measure temperature, but Activity Monitor tells me that Cafetran is using 40% to 69% of CPU even sitting in the background with nothing actively going on in the program. Constantly, for as long as I have it running.

I have been very happy with Cafetran and would hate to lose the utility of the program, but I'm not ready to fry my new Macbook, nor to ruin the battery from the heat. Is this normal behavior for Cafetran on a Macbook? I see that someone in another thread had a similar problem--albeit not as severe as mine--on a Macbook with similar specs but a 2014 model. Mine is a 2015 model, running OS Sierra. I would be very grateful for any ideas on how to get around this problem. I would really like to keep working with Cafetran, it's a fantastic program.


Great, thanks! I have just added the Metal Look & Feel point to the article on running CT on battery power:

Well, in that case, is it a graphik problem then? Cause I have a feeling for weeks now that the all whole problem is this Retina display! When I switch in Google Maps to Earth (Satelite), I get a "freeze" on my Mac. When browsing through commercial pages, e.g. with clothes where there are lots of pictures and graphics, the ventilation starts to get loud. The Retina display trying to display everything overly focused causing the Mac to collapse. I'm not sure, just judging intuitively.


Since I have this 1 out 100 MacBookPros with a failure every 6 months, I might not be a good example. Just in january I had to change the whole motherboard for 500 US$. I was glad I had a German MacBook insurance for 130 € per year, so they paid the whole damage even though I was in Nashville. Just as a hint, these insurances can save your (computer's) life. 


Hi Patrick, Recently I had my 27" Retina screen replaced, because of a stain in the lower right corner, as if I were smoking in the office. The replacement of this costly component was fully covered by Apple Care. However, Apple doesn't offer a pickup service in the Netherlands anymore. I had to take my iMac on my bike to the nearest authorized reseller (iCentre in my case). Probably because of slow shipping the repair took several weeks :(. Patrick, does switching to the Metal look solve your problems too? BTW: Are you happy with WFP?
iCentre! :) Yes, the computer world is a constant tightrope walk and still new to all of us. Probably nowadays they are learning in school how to handle it, how to distinguish between one computer for work and one for entertainment etc. Simply to be prepared for "office-losses".

I haven't tried the Metal Look, because I'm not working with CT anymore. I can't say I'm overly happy with WFP 3, but it's alright. I'm still not confronting WFP 4 because the changes and the logic is so different, it's like a new tool. Everybody seems to be scared of WFP 5 now. ;)

Because of Trados still dominating this market, the most important feature to be implemented is to be able to send a Trados Return Packet. Due to this I'm losing jobs with some clients. But maybe I have the wrong clients. ;)

In the near future implementing Windows and Trados in the Virtual Box. The only way to survive is to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

Happy Saturday :)


Sorry to hear that you're "gone", Patrick. If you at any point decide to give CafeTran another try (to enjoy its fabulous handling of Studio packages), please feel free to contact me again and request my help. Always glad to help you. 

Take care,


Using metal look also brought down cpu usage and battery drain (a lot) on my macbook pro. However, and in case some were wondering, be aware that some short-cuts have changed. For example cmd-c and -v are now ctrl-c and -v.

Thanks for the confirmation, Julie. Perhaps the kbs can be changed, Igor ?

Just noticed that in the lastest build cmd-v and cmd-c are now working as expected with the metal look on my Mac. Thanks Igor.

When you have minute, maybe also add cmd-a and I'll be a happy camper!

When you have minute, maybe also add cmd-a and I'll be a happy camper!

Okay, it's been added to the latest build.

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