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Alignment for TMX

I'm not sure if I should file this under Report a problem, necro the thread or add it to  CafeTran Features, Questions, Requests as I am doing now.

I tried a Progressive alignment of an already translated project, using the Source and Target files.

I like the buttons in the alignment mode, but missed seeing the next segments content to make more educated choices. Also, the point of the alignment is to create a TMX, so this should be more obvious (for example, making the memory mandatory, not letting the user to close it, etc). 

After the alignment, I opened the resulting TMX with Edit TMX workflow, to test woorden's assumption from the above mentioned thread:

"absolutely not sure of the following]

I think it's perfectly acceptable that you can't use join/split in the automatic segmentation workflow. It's automatic, after all. But if you save the resulting (miss)aligned file in the hugely popular TMX format, and open it again in the Edit TM mode, you should be able to join/split, won't you?"

Lo and behold! I'm certain I did not hallucinate, but the alignment mode buttons between the Source and Target segment panes were there.

This was exactly what I wished and could be a big improvement to an alignment workflow:

To use Automatic alignment feature or (even better) run the alignment through LF Aligner first or another tool and then Edit in CT the resulting TMX to correct/refine any alignment issues. 

I did not test the buttons, but after trying to replicate this, I cannot seem to get the alignment mode buttons in native or external TMX files.

I guess there was a glitch and the alignment buttons were not programmed to be there.

But could there be an option to display those buttons in the TMX edit mode?

That would be a pretty neat improvement I think.

Also, since TM-Town offers unlimited Alignments (5 for the free Profile) and CafeTran has already implemented an interface to TM-Town (which is quite good for ProZ Professional Plus members, since both CafeTran and TM-Town packages are included), maybe CT could use a tighter integration with TM-Town's alignment feature.

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TMX memory edit workflow is independent of the Alignment mode so you can't see the alignment buttons when you edit the TMX memory. Nonetheless, a few interesting ideas to ponder and perhaps implement. Thanks!

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