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Minor bug when exporting to HTML

Hi Igor,

I just came across the following minor bug on trying to export to HTML:

I clicked on "Export and Exchenge" -> "To HTML file".

In the dialog box which then opened I navigated to a target directory, thought better of it, navigated back up to the immediate parent directory and clicked on "Save". Instead of saving the file, it opened the directory from which I had just navigated up and I was unable to save it to my desired destination.

After checking out the forums here I tried it again and it worked without problems. The difference presumably being that I didn't initially navigate into a subdirectory of teh directoy into which I wished to save the file.

One further point - in the save dialog, the filename was shown as filename.sdlxliff, which was disquieting. It would be clearer if it was shown as filename.sdlxliff.html.


When you go back in the save dialog, the selected directory (folder) is highlighted. It is then opened unless you deselect it. Standard Windows Save dialog works like that.


You're quite right - this is an OS issue, not a CT one.
I'm on Linux rather than Windows, but I just did a quick test saving a file from another program and I get exactly the same problem. Case closed.
Thanks for pointing that out.
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