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Preview glitch (give me an A!)

This is what I discovered today (with the last build and the build before) with a mqxliff file:


The A's are missing. I never saw this before, and with any 100 % match this does not happen.

FYI: The target text in the fuzzy preview is not concerned:



I am not sure but perhaps your (third-party?) TMX memory may contain some tags in the source segments that prevent the proper display of some characters in CafeTran's html-based viewer. You may submit a support ticket and attach the TMX file if it is not too large.

Ticket has been sent.


Got it.
  • I wanted to add one of the ' characters (false apostrophe, often to find in French texts) to the "Additional word delimiters" field, following this instruction
  • I added U+0061, as this was shown
  • but U+0061 is the small a, so I got it wrong or the false Unicode number is/was shown
  • "Show Unicode number" only shows the Unicode number of the character after the cursor and not the Unicode number of a character that is being marked

Possible, but not all necessary solutions:

  • a better description
  • use a similar entry mode to the "Do not match" field (not the most logical choice, and not so flexible)
  • use a Preview mode to show up all characters in the "Additional word delimiters" field


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