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Saving memory after joining

When you create a new memory and join some other memories (I did this to create a huge TM out of other TMs and to backup it), the memory is not saved

  • when closing the project
  • when closing the tab
  • when exiting CafeTran

But in the tab you see (resp. saw) that there are 20.000 segments (to say a rather low number). And – if I am not mistaken – you are asked for any other memory if you want to save it or not before exiting.

I suppose that the TM will be saved as soon as x segments have been changed (the standard behavior for other TMs) – but will then happen to joined read-only memories? Yes, you can actively save the memory, but this is not an expected behavior.

Of course there is one minor advantage of this behavior: if you want to avoid a larger undo process if you selected the wrong TM to join.

Shouldn't there be a prompt to avoid this behavior (also for many other cases with other TMs, where they have been changed in any manner)?

Similar behaviour:
  1. create new TM
  2. import all segments from project
  3. close CafeTran
  4. TM is empty

There should be

  • a prompt between 2 and 3 if the new TM should be saved or not.
  • or, if the point above is too complicated to realize (CT needs a kind of comparison between the saved state and the actual "virtual" state), there should be the behaviour that CT automatically saves any joined TM or any TM with recently imported stuff – but this, in consequence, means that these actions are harder to undo

Yes, the prompt when closing the TM tab of joined TMs or saving it automatically when exiting is there in the latest build (2017052501). Thanks!

There is still one glitch:
  1. prepare a TM from MT
  2. check it as read-only
  3. work with it (obviously it works, maybe from RAM)
  4. close CT
  5. TM is empty
Of course point 2 should be avoided (or it should be set to read-only after generating and saving it).
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