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Attribute name error

 I just received an error message upon reopening of a project. It says:

Attribute name "property:Client" associated with element type "xliff" must be followed by the "=" character.

This seems to be related to the project TMX. I may have changed the attribute name to an incorrect one in the past.

If possible, please provide some protection.



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The simplest protection might be to remove the colon ":" from the attribute name buttons in the project properties panel.

I guess this error resulted because I imitated those names when changing the name (that is, possibly I added a colon).


I've also had this problem in the past. In my case I included a space character in the property name (by clicking on a property (Project, subject, client etc.) in the Project Properties tab in the Project Configuration window).
Of course it goes without saying that you shouldn't be able to enter a value which causes CT to create xliff files it can't open, but, hey, this is CafeTran.


The space character issue in the Project Property name was fixed ages ago as soon as it was reported. The check for colon will be included in the next update Thanks for pointing it out!

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