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Solved license in offline mode?

On my mobile device I sometimes have network issues (or I cannot exclude being offline, as nobody else can).

For this reason I sometimes get displayed the demo version dialogue field when starting up CT. Out there in the wild there are dozens of licensing models, but not being able to use CT offline with the license (that I use for convenience, I still have a valid license anyway, if I am not mistaken) seems a bit strange to me.

Shouldn't this be resolved? I must confess I do not know how (checking once in 24 hours or something similar) .

If you are a PLUS member at, CafeTran checks your membership status at the start-up. After that, you can go offline. Therefore, if you are able to predict any network issues during the day, just run it beforehand and let it keep running. Perhaps in the future, I may come up with some other PLUS membership verification. However, if you are working offline most of the time, please consider the other two licensing options available.

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It might be a very case working with CT without any network connection. I only thke sometimes note of this because I am online (with a really quite weak connection, but I will get glassfiber this year), get this warning, look at the About section and then there is the hint to the Plus membership. It must be a question of some seconds only.

Are there any limitations if a project with more than 500 segments is opened in Demo mode and then some seconds later switched to licensed mode? I suppose this might only concern some features (Total recall, Preliminary matching mode etc. where values are being obtained at the start and that might have been already started before). Or is it better to close and open then the project, jzst to be sure?


Not to forget: Users must have an interest in preventing any license abuse, so I can live with the status quo (and I hope there is a limit to max. 2 or 3 machines). Many other ways are more complicated, even if automated.


Are there any limitations if a project with more than 500 segments is opened in Demo mode and then some seconds later switched to licensed mode?

In the Demo mode, CafeTran sets the 1000 segments limit for the translation memories (including the recalled ones) and 500 terms limit for the glossary. The switch from the Demo to the Full version is done at the start-up only (see the connection progress bar in the Dashboard > Other resources and services panel). If CT cannot connect to (e.g. you are being offline) at the start-up, it works in in the demo version. When your computer is back online, just restart the program to verify your PLUS membership.

The simpliest way would be a hint in the Solutions section (connecting at least once when starting CT, wait for the connection with to be established when having a weak connection e.g. at the beach). No, not another prompt, though a third option (Connect with Plus now) in the demo version dialogue box would be rather elegant.

BTW. the search for "license" in the Solutions section brings no result.

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