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Total recall problem

Next day, next problem.


I can import, open and see the TR database. But I cannot "recall".

What shall I do? I already made new TR databasses and renamed the old TR SQLite database to create a new one.

You may still have an old version of SQLite missing an update last year.

1. Go to Total Recall > Memory tables  menu and select a table from which you tried to recall.

2. After the table is open in the tab, choose Total Recall > Show memory table info...

3. In the title bar of the info panel, make sure the SQLite version is 3.8.7.

4. Does the language pair of the project match the language pair of the table columns?

5. Did you create any additional columns apart from the language pair? If yes, check if they contain unusual characters.

It would have been too nice that it is simply the wrong DB version. Language pair matches, no additonal columns.

By the way (and not the case here): Shouldn't TR be robust enough to use en-GB and en-US (or nl-NL and nl-BE) indifferently?


Some more digressing: If CT had a "save all resources & preferences" feature, it would be quite easy to do a quick reinstall of CT without losing all these resources & preferences (formerly known as res files, internet resources, non-translatables – if not part of a glossary – etc.pp. – yes, I know that the TR DB can be installed elsewhere). I also acknowledge that making CT store all its informations in a separate folder might be quite complicated, as there are at least 3 OSs with different behavior.

It is a possible cause and the solution:

You may have deleted all the "Do not match" (punctuation) characters in Preferences so CT does not remove them from the queries. While performing the automatic look-up, CT searches the SQL database where some characters are special (reserved) - they should not be used. You might submit a ticket giving a Dropbox link to your copied database file to examine which character is causing the issue. 

You might try to restore parenthesis () in the "Do not match" field and check again.

At least we're a bit farer. TR starts recalling. But then:


Maybe the ";" is another candidate.

In the meantime, TR takes new tables, but does not allow any import (the import routine runs, but without any results).  When recalling with the empty  TR table, it says (maybe that's natural, as the DB table is empty).


Ticket with the TR DB will been sent in a couple of minutes.

Hm, I further investigated and found out the following:
  • I added the ";". Same behaviour.
  • I started other projects from the dashboard with the same TR TM. It works. But: it opens a tab "Total Recall TM" that remains empty, while I am able to execute Total Recall > Recall memory. Another tab with the name of the TR table name opens, while the other, first tab remainss useless.
  • I then deleted again everything from the Do not match field. And indeed, I am shown an error (see below). After restoring only the parenthesis it works again. So the hint from Igor was correct.
  • I started the same first project where the problem persists per Drag & Drop. No chance. I am shown the SQLite error above
  • Assumption: Some more things must be restored.
  • I took the whole bunch from here and inserted it.
  • OMFG: It works. This time the results are automatically shown in the 'Total Recall TM', tab, no more need to do an extra step.

Finest screenshots of SQ Lite errors.


My results and questions:
  • there should be the possibility to play around with the "do not match" field or a warning or a relevant help section
  • perhaps I had false assumptions about the DNM field (this is not very clear), same for the help – I always thought that "(" and ")" in the DNM field make that "(this is an example)" is a full match of and for "this is an example" and that then only "this is an example" is stored in the TM
  • so my question: what exactly is now the difference between a filled DNM field and an empty DNM field? what consequences does this have for matches?


Bonus question: why did it work with the other projects and not with this one? I assume this is a rhetorical question, as the the Update is out, but this might mean that the issue is more on the file side than on the TR side (as the TR content was the same).

The punctuation issue is fixed in the latest update 8. CT handles those special characters even if you clear the "Do not match" field.

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