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How to update memories manually?

Quick word about my workflow so you can understand what I am asking.

Most of my clients use Trados, so I do the main work in CafeTran and then do the final check and review in Trados 2014 because tag issues and such can cause errors and missing translations if you try to export a package from CafeTran.

I hadn't really thought about it up to this point, but I think I need to start updating the main tmx memory I use in CafeTran with the updates made in SDL before sending the package off to the client.

So, how can I do this?

I also sometimes get very small projects from 300-1000 source characters (Japanese), and so it really isn't worth setting things up in CafeTran and then changing back to Trados for the review. I would also like to update my main tmx memory with this content as well.

Thanks in advance!

Probably the easiest way would be to export the SDLTM (as a TMX file?), and merge it with your TM the next time you open CT. That will undoubtedly lead to several duplicates, so I suggest to remove duplicates every once in a while, or to set the CT TM to latest duplicates only.


You create a return package to send to the client, right? Open it in CafeTran (is this possible?). If CafeTran cannot open the return package, you can either open the sdlxliff file(s) from the target_TARGET folder or extract this file from the return package (with a script) and then open it in CafeTran. Once it is opened in CafeTran, choose Memory > Import project segments. Make sure that you have set the memory to only keep the newest segments.
target_TARGET folder In the Studio file tree
I assume that you get a cleaner memory in CafeTran, when you merge from the sdlxliff instead of an exported memory: no Studio tags.

I just verified: CafeTran cannot open Studio return packages (it can create them). So, the procedure would be:

  • Add .zip to the extension of the return package.
  • Double-click on the package to open it.
  • Extract the content of the target_TARGET folder.
  • Open this folder/the content in CafeTran.
  • Update your TM.
All this calls for automation, doesn't it?

BTW: You might want to consider to request support for opening Studio return packages ;).

Hey thanks!

I forgot about having asked this until I just needed to restart a large project half-finished and half-turned in to the client.

I followed your steps regarding changing it to a zip file and extracting the folder.

The import seemed to work without error, so I will see how it goes translating the other half.

Very cool!

> Add .zip to the extension of the return package.
> Double-click on the package to open it.
> Extract the content of the target_TARGET folder.

Isn't it simply possible and faster to rename the package to sdlppx (and modify the name, e.g. example_temp.sdlppx, to avoid confusion) and reopen it in CT?


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You would have to test that, Torsten :) Please let us know your findings
> You would have to test that, Torsten :)

I always assumed you were the big tester. ;-)

But yes, it works.


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Amazing. Both your creative finking and the fact that it worx.

No worries

Keep cool

> Add .zip to the extension of the return package.

Just one little remark. Depending on the zip program you have installed, it's not even necessary to rename the file. With 7zip, for example, it works without renaming.


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