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Perfect 100 % matches - but how?

This topic has been treated several times, e.g. here.

I confirm a segment (without tags) and then move on to the next.


When going back, I see a 94 % match value I just confirmed. This drives me crazy. There is no pattern that would allow to understand this (e.g. the full stops, some other things and so on). I only have the impression that the engine gives out less percentages on Mac than on Windows or Linux.

These kind of matches stand side by side with other 100, 101 or 102 % matches.

This behaviour is absolutely frustrating, compared with other tools (any other tool), and some beginners might find this unbearable. With this thing, doing a 10 K job and getting – short time before the deadline – a last update with a couple of changed sentences is a near-to-impossible task for CT users (this would be a feature to – at least – aleviate the problem).

I already finetuned the memory settings (deleting anything in the „do not match“ field, marking „processing tags“).

What else could I do?

I can't see the full context of the issue to determine the cause. As I understand it, you add the new segment to the TM, and when you go back to it, instead of 100% match you get the 96% fuzzy match. Perhaps, by attaching the file to the ticket indicating the segment number, I might be able to reproduce it.

Tags will do this, of couse, as they're not included in the TM (possibly depending on your settings). But I'm guessing you'd have thought ot that.


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