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Glitch: CT troubled by adding & removing docs

Following scenario:

  1. add a file named example.docx
  2. as there is some rework to do (docx is a table with different columns, and only one column needs to be translated), example.docx is modified and added to the project
  3. now there are two docx files with the same name
  4. example.docx (the elder one) is deleted (and so is the source doc in the project folder)
  5. when exporting the remaining file, there is a prompt to save the file
  6. nothing is exported, and when opting to open the document, nothing happens
  7. export only is possible after copying and renaming the source document

I know that many prompts I am asking for are not granted (well, some are, indeed), but I never give up

  • Shouldn't there be a prompt at point 2 when two docs with the same name are imported (it should not be impossible at all, it might be helpful in some cases)?
  • Shouldn't there be a warning at point 4, saying that the last remaining source doc is going to be deleted?
  • Shouldn't there be a warning at 5, saying there is no source doc?
  • Same at 6, saying that no doc has been created

I agree there should be a prompt/warning.

As a work around, maybe use File>Replace document feature for the modified file?

Sure, this is the "natural" way. But there should be a possbility for redundancy, shouldn't it?


No matter the Replace document feature, I find it a sound proposition.

Yes, the Replace document feature should be used for the above scenario, instead of Add document. Soon, CT will have the protection for accidental overwriting of the existing source document which has the same name as the newly added document. Thanks!

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