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termbases, glossaries, fuzziness

I'm having trouble finding any up-to-date information about glossaries or termbases in Cafetran. I have a basic need: I translate from Czech into English, and Czech is a highly inflecting language. So if I make a term of "referenční banky", I will get nothing back for "referenčních bank", which is the same term inflected differently.

I see from reading around this forum that there are 'glossaries' and there are 'termbases' (words which I am used to considering synonyms). I think it is going to be the 'termbase' I need, because it has fuzzy capabilities, but other than a forum post that presumes one knows what one is doing already, and another which points to a dead link, I can find no information on how to set this up. Is there a help page that explains it, or can someone explain it to me here?


To bring some automatic fuzziness to your glossaries, please turn on the "Prefix matching" option in Edit > Preferences > Glossary tab and reload your glossary or restart the program. 

Okay, thanks, I'll try that.

Igor, this doesn't really work for me. Somehow it doesn't keep up with the inflections. Is there a way (other than hitting reload all the time) to just keep the whole glossary list open in the resources panel? In other words, as a static object with all the terms? That would solve my problem most of the time—I just need to check a few terms for consistency as  I go, and having the whole list ready and open would be fine.

just keep the whole glossary list open in the resources panel?

I understand you wish to stop the automatic glossary matching, right? Right-click at the glossary pane and choose "Stop automatic matching" option.

Ah, right, there it is, then. I would just note for anybody who arrives at this page in the future that after you select "Stop automatic matching", you have to right-click once more and select the option to reload the glossary before the list appears. But then it will stay put. Thanks, Igor.

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