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Reload glossary: keyboard shortcut or menu don't work

On my Mac with the newest version of CafeTran the Reload glossary: keyboard shortcut or menu don't work.


Can someone please verify this?

(I can reload the glossary via the context menu.)

Seems to work for me.

Maybe add issues to Report a problem instead?


You're on Mac too?

Ah, sorry. Works fine on a Linux build I meant!

The menu command reloads the currently selected glossary in the tab. If you detached or docked the glossary panel, please use the right-click context menu.

Would it be possible to restore the previous behaviour, since the reloading via the keyboard shortcut is part of some macros?

There has been no change in the reloading function. It works okay here. Actually, the program also reloads the docked glossary if another glossary is not selected in he tab. Make sure your glossary is not set read-only.

I see that it works on the MacBook Pro, so I'll have to investigate the cause on the iMac.

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