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Can't export the target document

My source document is .odt format and when I want to export the target document, I get 


Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 2,36215(row,col).

Is there any way I can save my translation and not have to do it all over again?

Hi Vukamiu,

Try doing QA > Tags check, correct tags errors if any, and export again.

If the above does not help:

Such an export error may appear if you moved, renamed or edited in any way, a source document located in the project folder before the completion of its translation. If this is the case, try to replace the original source document in the project via the menu Project > Replace document... . Then, CafeTran will auto-translate unchanged segments in the source document. You will only need to translate again any changed segments or the ones you split/joined before.


Мy tags check reports inconsistent spaces at tags

I should put " " instead of " " (the difference is visible only when show invisible characters is on). But I don't know which is the space key for spaces before tags, space bar is for regular spaces.

The space character may be the non-breaking space which you can insert via the menu Edit > Target segment > Insert non-breaking space.

That's it! The Ctrl+Shift+space issue.

Thank you and apologies for molestation...

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