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Document note and other notes / preview

Hi folks, two of my favourite features of CT is the ability to create and editing documents and preview documents I'm working on.

The problems:

a. Each time I open a Resources>Notepad>Document Note, the note is opened and I can work (type) with it, the problem is when I close the project, I get asked if I want to save the document, I press YES and then when I reopen the project, the note is empty.

b. Regarding html preview, I tend to create an html for each document I'm translating for previewing it. I remember in the past this html being synced with the text as we go beyond through segments, but it doesn't work that way anymore, now I have to look for the exact text manually.

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Hi Victor,

Both a and b should be fixed in today's build (2017041301). Please download and apply the update 6 again.

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