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Minor REQ List of words with unknown spelling

I know I had already a kind of wish list right here.

I would like to simplify this

When I have a project with such a list opened, I am always thrilled by the following window (if I did not close it before)


The first thing you think is that you are asked to save the prject or one of the translation docs. This means:

  • who really wants to save the list of unknown words (though there might be scenarios ...)?
  • when you have many tabs open, the hint "the document" can be confusing (if I remember correctly, the tab of the list of unknown words is not brought to the foreground in this moment).
  • BTW, just as a note: when closing the project, the buttons Cancel (Abbrechen) und No (Nein) have the same function, the project closes (but when clicking on Cancel, the closing should be aborted, shouldn't it?

So it would be niceĀ 

  • to have the name in the dialogue specified
  • or (optionally) not to save this list. Even for huge projects it only takes some seconds to extract them again

Concerning this other list, the only really nice thing would be to have a bulk import of the edited list of unknown words into the user dic (despite of its dangers).

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