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Very nice

The improved saving of terms to the glossary (some builds ago) allows nice shortcuts:

  • Insert a fuzzy match via the keyboard shortcut
  • Change the fuzzy match where necessary
  • Add the changed subsegment as a new entry to the glossary
  • Press F1 to auto-assemble the whole segment again
  • This time the new glossary entry will be used for the subsegment and the rest of the segment will be auto-assembled from the glossary/memory
I find this all very practicable :)

CafeTran shows so much love for detail. It's sometimes making me emotional ;).


Finding and replacing lead to a filtered view previously. I had to cancel that filtered view (in Studio projects at least).

Now I can directly navigate to the next segment in the project: the result of the F/R action is automatically expanded to the whole project.

Very great improvement. And actually, what the user expects. Thanks!

And how do you do this exactly?

I am always again surprised by CT (and its new features), but sometimes I fell like a little boy staring at it with open mouth).


I feel like a little boy staring at it with open mouth.

Yeah, sometimes I have the same feeling. It's kind of AI emergence stuff. :)

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