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REQ: Search bar enhancement

With the last update we got some more letters in the grid. ;-)

Now to a similar idea:

When using the search bar, usually the last settings of the S/R dialogue are used.

In general this makes sense, but sometimes the S/R dialogue has Whole words or Match case activated. This can limit the search results without that the user really is aware of this. This can lead to ugly mistakes.

Wouldn't one of the following points make sense:

  1. to position only in theses cases a red WW (or simply W) or a red MC (or simply M or C) near to the search bar (not in the grid, just as the search results could be zero without displaying this letter) – and both letters would be invisible if these settings are not used
  2. to enhance the search bar with two check boxes for WW and MC, also to narrow down the results, alternatively with two buttons that can be depressed and unpressed (similar to the „B“ button in Word)
  3. to make any other warning sign, maybe a symbol instead of a letter

I think the first option would keep the UI quite tidy.

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If I remember correctly, much of the functionality you wish for the search bar, used to be present.

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