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REQ: Consistent TM behaviour when opening Studio projects

Usually I work on Studio projects with my own TM and set the TM in the package in most cases on Read-only. But never mind what I do, CT behaves likes this:

My own TM is opened with the number of the units. The package TM automatically loads the first segment (that has been opened).

Now I see the following possibilities

  1. open all TMs as the local one, showing up the number of units (some clients send very small TMs, others not, in many cases this is a good orientation how to handle it, but for some cases with repeating customers this might be annyoing) – I would prefer this
  2. open all TMs as the package TM, automatically showing the match for the first segment – in a certain sense a kind of „natural“ behaviour
  3. not to open the first segment automatically, but being forced to click on "Start translation" – this could also correspond to the case 1
  4.  further posiibility (in case ot case 2) would be a kind of indication of how huge a package TM is (the file size in many cases does not really help here)

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