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REQ: Some "Task" commands with one more prompt

I did the following on a 50 K project:

- search for a certain string (= short segments that should simply be copied to target)

- forgot to set the filter

- all segments were copied to target, also the already translated and confirmed segments, instead of only the segments with a certain string

- undo did not work (maybe it would be reassuring to have a menu command „Undo“, by the way)

This was no problem, I did not panic, I closed and reopened the project, and everything was as before.

The visual difference between a filtered and a non-filtered view (after a search) is rather clear, but not clear enough to avoid a risk of confusion. So perhaps it would really make sense to have a prompt saying: "This will copy all target segments to the target segments. Are you really sure?“.

There might be more commands where this would make sense.

Are you really sure?“

It reminds me of some old Windows software where on numerous actions, the program kept asking me "Are you sure?", checking my state of consciousnesses. 

I have just checked. To perform a Task command, it requires two intended clicks (first select the Task menu, then the tasks itself). It is really enough to prevent any accidental use of task actions. 

Perhaps the heading is misleading. It is not about the number of clicks, but to avoid to execute a command that has an impact on the whole file/project, especially when confusing search view/filtered view.

Maybe you would feel more comfortable with
This will copy all source segments to the target segments. [Confirm] [Cancel]
This will copy all source segments to the target segments. Proceed anyway? [Yes] [No]

Another candidate would be "Remove target segments".


I see your point. However, the Task menu is already pretty descriptive, and one needs to click the Task menu, scroll to the task submenu and click the task so I assume users are aware of what they are about to execute with no need to raise the alarm for yet another confirmation click.

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