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Get rid of tags and "P" in the segment

Hello there!

I just stated to use CafeTran. I can already remove tags in the destination (arrow #2) of a segment (I even put it there via F3 to avoid "Inconsistent Tags"-Alert after "QA->Tag check"), but not in the source (arrow #1). How I can do that?

Then I have a "P" (arrow #3) at the number of one segment? What does it indicate and hoe to remove that?

Furthermore I have problems to create a working export file for OpenOffice, because of the bad format. Editix says: "The element type "text:span" must be terminated by the matching end-tag </text:span>".

May someone can kindly help me with this?

Many Thanks, Andreas

Andreas, I don't think you should fool around with (formatting) tags.  See

for more information. The "P" stands for propagated, so it's a segment you translated earlier. The export most likely failed, because... you messed up those tags.


Thanks, H.!
I realised that the most tags ("1") in the source window are from accidental use of "Join segments". The "undo" do the job here, if you do it short after that. Anyway, I edit the whole source file and get rid of all the formatting there first. Then I set up a new project, import the TM from the older one and quickly translated the document to the last state. Also the export works fine now.

 Cheers, Andreas

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