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Changing fuzzies in propagated segments

 Following scenario in the Filter view (Repeated and propagated matches):


You might note that the numbers have different positions. After correcting the position and confirming the segment, the grid looks like this:


A very simple example, indeed (plan B: filter segments, copy source to target and replace the word introduction or plan C: work with the assembled segment, as the only word is in the TB), but this behavior is a bit strange. All propagated segments change with confirming the one or the other segments. There are three tags in every segment (start, middle, end).

You mean this, Torsten?


No, seems to be similar, but I think this is another issue (uh, an animated gif).

The problem is that CT changes the segments whenever one of these segments changes or is confirmed. In many cases this is a great feature that not only works in 100 % matches, but here it is in both cases inappropriate.


Nope. Auto-propagation of numbers is now deactivated. But it keeps happening.
Step 1 (as above, filtering propageted segments):


Step 2:
Correcting and confirming segment 1678.


So, in segment # 20 you got or typed '1-18 Einleitung', you pressed Enter and then got a modification of this and all other segments?

Yes. The only difference between the two screenshots is that segment 19  has been confirmed. You see that segment 18 ("1-16 Introduction") above the confirmed segment) has been changed (to the wrong order).



In my very humble opinion, the root cause for this may be that CT gets into serious trouble when words are separated by tags (in most cases tabs coming from external formats, I assume).


The above issue can arise if auto-propagation of numbers is activated in Edit > Preferences > Auto-propagation tab. The new auto-propagation option that blocks backward propagation will be added soon. For now, deactivating auto-propagation of numbers in such rare cases will do. 

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