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Target Segment Editors - capitalisation at start of sentences

I've followed the instructions to bind external editors and have been trying out this feature with Notepad++ and Atom on Windows 10.

For some reason, the first letter of any segment is always converted to lowercase when I Ctrl+S to send the text to CT. Capitalised words after a full stop are still capitalised in CT, however, so it seems to be a problem specifically with the first letter being capitalised. Exactly the same thing happens in Notepad++ and Atom.

See the attached screenshot for examples from my very mundance test project....

Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm not using this with DNS yet, just typing - still testing out all the features before I use CT for anything critical (for lack of knowledge on my part!).

BTW, not sure if I'm posting this in the best forum.


You will have

Edit > Target segment > Automatic case adjustment activated (ticked).

This feature also intervenes with the technique mentioned above.

Yes! That solved it. Many thanks Torsten.

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