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REQ: Feature to ignore the difference between single-width and double-width characters

 This feature is very useful in translating a Japanese document into another language.


Double-width characters


Single-width characters


I think double-width characters are common and regular, so my glossaries are built accordingly.

ドイツ     Germany

However, there are documents where single-width characters are regularly used (probably to save space).

I would really appreciate it if CT can somehow ignore these differences (or treat them as the same characters), hopefully based on a list of interchangeable character pairs prepared by the user, like this:


ド  ド

イ  イ

ツ  ツ

A  A

B  B

C  C

1  1

2  2

3  3

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So that, in the following example, the glossary term will become a match.

Source text: ドイツ連邦においては、

Gl. source: ドイツ
Gl. target: Germany


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