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Switching to Azure with the latest CafeTran build

There might be some trouble when switching to the new Microsoft API that comes with the newest build. Here is a short How-to.

  • Go to Azure and open a new account (a Microsoft account is not sufficient). This might also be a test account (you may get a 170 EUR prime, but it is rather unlikely to spend so much money for the MT API within 30 days)
  • You need a (mobile) phone and a credit card for verification.
  • After successful registration go to the dashboard
  • Click on the „+“
  • Choose Intelligence & analytics > Cognitive Services APIs (searching the field above for "translat" does not do the trick)
  • Creatre a service with a name of its own. A part of the UI should now look like below. The account name does not matter (here „MS_Translator_API“, you can also call it „Brad_Pitt“ or „Donald_Trump“). The Abonnement (Subscription) field should be pre-filled („Nutzungsbasierte Bezahlung“ means here „use based payment“). Then choose the Translator Text API and the right tarif for you (see next point). For Resource group you might choose an own name (not necessarily "CafeTran"). Resource group location might be pre-filled and might differ if you live in Japan, I suppose. Under API setting you need to activate the account creation first (here already activated).


  • Payment: Azure offers different payment schedules for this API (see below). You should choose F0 or S1, depending on your beliefs, your financial situation and attitude your towards Microsoft. The F0 option will be sufficient in many cases, assuming that 2 Mio. characters are about 140,000 English words. There is no overage for F0. Beware that S3 and S4 base on S2 (they are not cheaper than S1).


  • The service is created and you will get 2 keys. Enter one of them into the CT preferences (the first one might be the logical choice)
  • When using the free test version, the service might get deactivated after 30 days, then there can be more steps necessary. Be sure that Microsoft wants to keep you as a paying customer...

Did I forget something?

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When the trial period ends, the subscription is disabled.

To fix this, I'm copying from MS email support:

Please follow the below Steps to remove the spending limit:

  • Log into the Account Portal (
  • Click on your subscription.
  • Click on the ‘Remove Spending Limit’ option. 
  • Select "Remove spending limit indefinitely" This would remove the spending limit permanently.

Further this will renew the subscription into a regular Pay-As-You-Go offer.

You need to provide billing information. Other than that, the 2M characters Tier is still Free.

Worked fine for me.


Microsoft making our lives difficult again ;).

I still get this :( I'm so so mad right now...


You exceeded your monthly quota of 2 million characters? Depending on the language this might be 250.000 words. This is in many cases enough for one person, I assume. Do you have any automatic routines running?

If this is not enough, you might select the S1 package (maybe as backup, but then you need to change the ID in your CT installation every month as soon as F0 is exceeded).

This is really really weird... I've been using this for years and it's the first time it happens :S Thanks for the comment tre!

You might also open another Azure account with another mail account and choose one more F0 package (but then again you need to change the ID in your CT installation every month as soon as the first F0 is exceeded)..

But this is surely against the Azure EULA and thus illegal.


> I've been using this for years and it's the first time it happens

Microsoft is not that strong in Mathematics. ;-)


Judging from Google translate invoices, the MT server must be queried each time you move to a new segment. If you go through your segments again, it queries them once more... So I guess you can reach the limit without actually translating as many characters/words. 

I usually stop MT after the first run, pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9 when I want to use MT on something.

Another solution can be to Create a TMX memory...

For now, you can use MyMemory. It usually uses Microsoft Translate (sometimes Google) for the primary result. It has a shorter limit though...

Register to MyMemory with your email (there is a 10000 words limit I think per day, and 500 characters per query or something like that) or try to use Cafetran's:

Actually yes, I pretranslated a Trados project into trados to get those matches in the sdlxliff for translation into cafetran and it seems trados uses TM for pretranslation (as long as I know...) so all of my free characters gone away without use... By know, I just discovered we can get a free Google MT API for a year (with $300, that are $20 for every 1Million characters) so I'm using that by the time I get my free Microsoft MT characters again.

Thanks for the SO QUICK replies!

You're amazing :)

By the way, tre, I tried to re-open a new account and it's kind of hard, you need a new Profile (no same phone number, no same credit card and no same billing details, so you just need to be another person hehe).

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