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Tiny UI text. Zooming fonts only helps a bit in the translation window itself

CT on Windows 10, version 2017032501
UI texts are tiny (almost impossible to read)

Text in translation window is also tiny - I have to zoom to about size 35 just to read it without leaning forward.

Is there a simple way to scale the app correctly for my screen??

These are the Windows settings:




Wow, the text in the Dashboard has been enlarged considerably, in yesterday's build ...

Just wondered why a TM that I had added to a CafeTran project (Transit file) wasn't listed in the Dashboard so I decided to add it before returning to the project (had to do a quick one in-between), via the folder icon. Now it looks like the memory added via this way still has the old, smaller font:


Just for your information.

Windows 10's next update (Creators Update) scheduled for release on April 11 is said to be able to handle app UIs better (more beautifully) on high-res monitors. The user will be able to override an app's original designed scaling with the OS settings (possibly, much in the same way macOS is doing now (?)).

This new feature should be available at:

Drive C
> "CafeTran Espresso" folder
> "cafetran" folder
> Cafetran.exe
Right-click on this file name and go to Property > Compatibility, where new scaling options should be added.

I'm looking forward to seeing if and how this new option will work for Java apps.


Now it looks like the memory added via this way still has the old, smaller font:

Today's build of the update 5 (2017033101) corrects the above. Thanks!

Official detailed information from Microsoft about the new high DPI scaling functionality


I've installed the "Creators Update" on my secondary machine.
There are now three options for DPI scaling: "Application", "System" and "System (enhanced)".
The only one that really works is "Application", which seems to be exactly the same as before the update.
Selecting "System (enhanced)" just makes the entire UI very small. "System" makes it all too large and blurred as well. Hooray Windows!
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