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Switching between filtered and regular view

When I choose the filter 'units not yet translated', I discover units that need to be joined to the following unit because they got segmented wrong. When I try to join them, nothing happens, I think because of the way the filtering process is coded. My problem is this: the units in filter view are renumbered from 1 to x, so I can't see which unit I need to get to when I switch the filter off to join the units together. Which would be fine if switching off the filter left me in the unit I was working on, but it doesn't--it takes me back to the top of the translation grid. So my only solution is to try to remember some words in the unit and re-find it that way, and that's very time-consuming.

Does anybody know a way around this?

This is not a handy solution: add xyz to the segments in filtered view. Close the filter and use Find to find the next segment with xyz.

Right, thanks. I see what you're saying. It would be nice if the segments in filtered view could keep their original numbering. It would make navigation easier. In some documents with unpredictable technical abbreviations, this kind of problem will occur a lot. It would be great to be able to switch back and forth between the filtered and unfiltered views effortlessly. Just an idea.

I agree. BTW: Are you aware of the abbreviations feature? Do you create the projects yourself? In that case, by adding abbreviations (including the trailing full stop!) to the list will repair the segmentation on the fly for the remainder of the project. Quite elegant.

Aha, no I was not aware of that feature. That is a very elegant solution. Thanks for the tip. I'll start making use of it.

> ...would be fine if switching off the filter left me in the unit I was working on

I would also like this a lot.

When I try to join them, nothing happens,

Sometimes I would like to be able to join filtered segments as well. But if #1 is fixed, then this one is probably not as important.

I would also like this lot.

That's been added in the latest update 6.

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