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Filter on untranslated segments causes insertion of wrong EM

I'm still struggling with filtering on untranslated segments in Studio projects. As I explained earlier, I'd like to be able to display / keep visible all segments that where translated at the start of the session. Well, this currently is not possible (at least, I don't know how to do it, without taking several steps to set segment statuses etc.)

No I noticed something quite disturbing (for me):

When I have filtered on all untranslated segments in a Studio project, and do some F/R to make some changes to the project segments (including the one that already have been translated) and the memory, I get a new filter selection that shows the segments in the project that were changed.

And now the problem: when I run Filter > Untranslated segments again, the next empty segment automatically gets the translation of the segment that I've just translated before I ran the F/R which changed the filtered view.

Quite tricky for my.

These are my current Action > Skip settings for Studio projects:


And perhaps the autopropagation settings are relevant too?


The effect is especially worrying when the following segments are exact matches that are inserted very quickly. Before I know I'm 10 segments further and I didn't notice that the second segment is a clone of the first.

Hi Hans,

I am having some difficulty to follow the above workflow and understand the issue. It would help a bit if you recorded the video.

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