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Install CafeTran - .jar issues

I have a new laptop and trying to install CafeTran, but .jar won't open no matter the amount of troubleshooting I do. Does anyone have a direct command or anything that will install the program?


Your computer is probably missing Java.

You may want to check the section for Installing CafeTran on Windows/Mac/Linux, depending on your OS -

I  have installed java and I do exactly what is in the video, but nothing happens.

What system are you running on?

... and what Java version?


If your system is Windows, please follow the troubleshooting points under the video here:

I have windows 10, java v 8.

Igor, I have tried opening it the way the video shows, nothing happens.

Thanks anyway though..

Maybe you have any Windows 10 restriction running. Any other java-dependant app running?

I copy the troubleshooting instructions for installing CT on Windows here:

  1. Right click (with the right mouse button) at CafeTran-install.jar file.
  2. In the context menu, go to Open with > Choose another app... .
  3. In the "How do you want to open this file?" panel, find Java(TM) Platform SE binary.
  4. You may need to scroll down the list and click "More apps" button at the very bottom of the list to find Java Platform.
  5. If you can find Java(TM) Platform SE binary in the above list, select it and check the box called "Always use this app to open .jar files".
  6. If Java(TM) Platform SE binary is not present in the list, please download and install it from Oracle's website. Choose 64-bit Java version for your 64-bit Windows operating system.

There should be no other java-dependent apps running. I don't know if there is some windows 10 restriction.

If I remember correctly, Windows 10 has a (default?) setting that only allows apps from certified manufacturers. Should be in the system settings somewhere (sorry, I am not too familiar with this OS anymore).

Sorry for asking again: You really installed Java SE and not Java SDK? From Oracle?

Yes that is the version, and I re-installed just to be sure, but no luck. I may need to hire a tech guru for this.

Resolved: I had to download Jarfix and it fixed the problem.

Nice, this should be added as a kind of emergency measure to the knowledge base.


I was just about to suggest that :).

A bit more radical: let CafeTran's setup routine check for this 'n that.

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