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BUG?: Selecting a segment after a search

I have a project with 4 files (unglued), say files A, B, C and D. And file A is the active one.  When I do a search for a word in the source segments, CT gives me all occurrences in all four files (it bugs me but that is not the point here).

If I then pick a segment (press the little number on the right side) from file B, C or D (inactive), a segment is loaded into the translation pane, but not the segment I picked. Rather, CT loads the segment with the same number but from the open file A. 

So even for translators who like to have a search go through all unglued files of a project, it defeats the purpose since clicking the segment of an inactive file brings you back to the active file segment of the same number.

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I can confirm this issue. It will be fixed in the coming update. 

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