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Taggifying tabs

The following issue concerns only those people who use the tab to switch between the editor windows (IMHO much more intuitive). These people have a smaller problem when it comes to the following in the source segment:


It means to mark the tab and strike the key to copy source to target.

Not really comfortable.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to show it like this and to enter it with the same key stroke as a tag?


Similar things for paragraphs (just to draw the attention on it):

What about this?


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Instead of changing the keyboard shortcut to switch focus between editors, you might add the tab character to non-translatables in the form of regular expression:


then you can just use the F4 shortcut, to transfer tabs from the source to the target segment pane.

Pretty cool (but a better visibility of <tab> and ¶ would also be nice).


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