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CT fails to export text in Word textbox

As above. I've translated a Word document containing a text box in CT. The text box content is in CT, but it is not exported when I export back to Word. (The original source text is still there.)

Please fix.

Had this when doc > docx Had to convert to doc again that times
This wasn't converted from a doc. (At least not by me and almost certainly not by my customer, who often sends me docs.)


Got the same problem again today. PLEASE FIX THIS!
What's the point of reporting a problem if the report just gets ignored?


It looks like Word documents include the same contents of text boxes twice. One version is meant for modern MS Office (starting from 2011 or 2013) , and the other version called fallback can be opened in outdated versions MS Word. CafeTran imports for translation the newest version ignoring the old one. It can also be handled by LibreOffice 5. If the user saves the translated document in the new version of Word processors, it should also update the fallback section for old versions.

Hi Igor,
one further point on this - this means that any customer using an older Word or Libre Office version to open a docx file containing text boxes exported by CT is going to find untranslated text in those text boxes. That could cause quite a few problems.

As discussed in the ticket, this is a difficult problem to fix (I assume that Trados etc. get around it by using the Word API, but that option isn't available to you). So perhaps you need to warn the user in this case. I.e. where a docx file contains text boxes, have a pop-up after exporting informing them that the exported file will not display correctly in older Word/Libre Office versions, but that this can be fixed by opening and saving it in a newer version (Word 2007 or later (probably - needs checkling)/Libre Office 5).

As I don't have a newer version, until I get one I'm going to use the workaround in future of exporting text boxes to a new file for translation and then reimporting them afterwards. (I know I came across a Macro to do this years ago - I'll post here when/if I find it.)

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