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Export documents halfway a project

I received the following question:

"I have a 7 document project. So I created the project and glued all the documents together. I have now translated two of the 7 documents but it is quite a technical translation, so we have agreed that I will send a first draft and then we will review and discuss together. So one option now, is for me to send the two docs in draft. If I “export” them into word documents can I then go back in and change them again on CafeTran or do they become final versions, or should I just work from the Word document afterwards? Or would I be better to translate all 7 documents, send them all off and review them with the client in one go. "

Let me try to answer this question (and please add your comments if I'm not correct/if you have other ideas/another workflow):

You can export any of the documents in any stage of completion at any time. For those parts of the documents that you haven't translated already, the source text will be inserted.

Please note that there are advanced ways to receive and process feedback of your reviewer/client. I'm relatively sure that a solution will be provided here, shortly:

For now:

  • Project > Export and Exchange > Export as bilingual project with notes, to create a Word table that you can exchange.
  • After the review you can import the table again in your CafeTran project, via Project > Export and Exchange > Import bilingual project. You'll see the comments (notes) of the reviewer and her modifications will be inserted in CafeTran's project segments table. Your own translations will be displayed below the modified ones, in yellow.
  • Please don't forget to commit the changes to the memory, via Memory > Import > Import segments from project.
  • Please also note that at any stage in your translation process, you can decide to toggle between display of one particular document or the glued view, via Project > Documents... At this time it's not possible to combine a selection of the documents to a view. It's either: all or one.
  • You can also add a new document at a later time, via Project > Documents...

One important addition: if you opt for the Review workflow, you should tell your client that she has to "respect" the red pipes in the Word table, since these indicate tag positions. So, if she makes modifications to the target column cells, she should move around the pipes where necessary. I think that this is a fairly intuitive process. BTW: Any errors (like forgotten tags) will be detected during your QA for tags (there are two of them). You should always perform these QAs before trying to export your documents. When you process one file after another in non-glued view, it is good practice to run all QAs for that individual document, commit the segments to memory AND only then proceed to the next document. This can save you a lot of time.
Pipes is IT lingo for vertical bars "|"--sorry for that.
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