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Get the newest file in your CafeTran folder structure

I have ˜/Dropbox/CT






Sometimes it's handy to determine which folder contains the most recently changed file (e.g. to extract a clients name for creating a named non-translatables glossary etc.).

Here's a nice solution, provided by Christopher Stone.

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You can use this for many practical tasks. One example: when you have many subfolders in your projects tree, that each consist of subfolders for projects (e.g. ~/Dropbox/ct/prj/mueller/mueller2017-03-18) you can adapt the macro to avoid drilling down into the folder structure and insert the project source file or source file folder into the Project configuration dialogue box via a text or keyboard shortcut. No navigation needed. Just click in the relevant input box and type xprj to let the macro spit out /users/petr/Dropbox/ct/prj/mueller/mueller2017-03-18. You could even add a file selector and let the macro create the subfolder and copy the source file(s) from the Desktop (or download folder etc.) into the prj subfolder and fill in the coresponding field in the Project configuration dialogue box. Depending on how you've set up your folder trees, you can also derive the TM name from /Users/achmed/Dropbox/ct/prj/mueller/mueller2017-03-18, e.g. /users/achmed/Dropbox/ct/tm/mueller/mueller.tmx and have the macro fill this in the corresponding field of the Project configuration dialogue box.
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