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Search in project target segments misses matches

As above.

I use the symbol '#' to mark segments for later attention.

Searching for this symbol using the 'Project target' button finds only some of the matching segments. (This is unfortunate, as it means I've sent the customer an incomplete list of questions.)

I've not directly observed this problem before, but I wouldn't rule it out as having happened previously either, as it's not the first time I've been surprised to discover after tha fact that I've sent the customer an incomplete list of questions.

Perhaps worth noting is that in the missed segment, the # symbol immediately succeeds a tag (The segment is as follows: "Some text<tag1>## ")

Please fix!

Yes, this is recognised behaviour. Looks like it is treated as a regex. If I remember correctly, you can find them by escaping them and clicking the corresponding radio button.

Hi Hans,
I'm afraid I don't follow your explanation above. Could you clarify?
I'm not using any regex, and most of these characters are found, just not all.


Try this:


I don't need a workaround, I need a fix. As noted above, I'm searching using the 'Project target' button on the main CT screen. This needs to just work.


Perhaps it's a Java regular expressions issue ...

Just trying to help here.

I cannot confirm it in CafeTran projects yet. Perhaps some project from other CAT tool is involved? You can submit a ticket and attach the project file indicating one segment number with the missing # search.

It's a Studio project if that helps (Studio package opened exclusively in CT).


So you might attach that package to the ticket. Giving a segment number with missing # search would help focus on that segment.

In Studio projects, CafeTran treats the final tag at the end of the segment as a contents delimiter. Please put the # character before the final tag (not after it).

Hi Igor,
thanks for the clarification.
Wouldn't it be better, however, to either:
a) not display these tags if they are content delimiters, or
b) include text after this in search.
Regarding a): when I reopen the project in Studio, i don't see these tags or the spaces which follow them. Could they not be hidden in CT too?


> a) not display these tags if they are content delimiters.

It does not display those tags unless there are spaces following them. In the future, CT may hide those spaces too if they do not have any significance.

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