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Where to install CafeTran on Windows 10?

I just had a Skype session with a user of Windows 10 who couldn't start CafeTran after having installed it to C:\CafeTran

What is the correct path for installing CafeTran on Windows 10?

What could prevent the starting of the software, given that the setup wizard was executed correctly and a CafeTran icon is visible on the Desktop?

(Not very familiar with Windows after version 8, I'm afr8 ...)

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It may be the wrong Java version run by default on Windows or not enough RAM in the system to start CT.

It was running fine on my old machine with window 10. In a new one i install the update java. Its have 4GB ram and I3 processor. Steps that i followed.

I download the TC jar file, i click it but nothing happen.


I create a .txt file change the extension to .bat.

I edit the .bat file and write inside java -jar CafeTrans-install.jar

Then i double click the .bat and installation is successful.

But still the program is not going to run

OK its solved. There is an icon in CT installation folder called Cafetrans.exe which run the program

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That sounds like the java .jar file association issue. Please see the solution for the CafeTran-install.jar installer file:

After the installation your way above, you can solve it similarly after the right-click at the Start.jar file located in CafeTran's installation folder. 

>I create a .txt file change the extension to .bat.

Igor, is this step really necessary on Windows 10?

Perhaps placing the setup JAR on the Desktop is a good idea?

There is an icon in CT installation folder called Cafetrans.exe which run the program.

You can run the progam via .exe file but the please check the solution from the previous post to run it from your desktop.

I create a .txt file change the extension to .bat.

It's neither recommended nor supported step.

I also try the video but its not working.

Did you follow the instructions under the video?

1. Right click (with the right mouse button) at CafeTran-install.jar file (or any other .jar file).

2. In the context menu, go to Open with > Choose another app... .

3. In the "How do you want to open this file?" panel, find Java(TM) Platform SE binary. 

4. You may need to scroll down the list and click "More apps" button at the very bottom of the list to find Java Platform.

5. If you can find Java(TM) Platform SE binary in the above list, select it and check the box called "Always use this app to open .jar files".

6. If Java(TM) Platform SE binary is not present in the list, please download and install it from Oracle's website. Choose 64-bit Java version for your 64-bit Windows operating system. 

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