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Frequently used expressions

I have a question about frequently used expressions that don't necessarily correlate to a specific expression in the source.

For example, I use the expression "in accordance with" to translate quite a few different but similar Japanese expressions, so making individual glossary entries really wouldn't be a suitable solution.

Is there any way to create some other kind of entry that would work like predictive typing so that when I type "in ac", "in accordance with" appears as an option like it would if it were a memory or glossary match?

How about defining a text shortcut iaw=in accordance with?

It's CT's built-in text expander (Menu > Resources > Text shortcuts). It should be able to meet this particular need.


Yes, that is exactly the kind of function I was hoping CafeTran had. Thanks!

BTW: I'm not sure whether it's case-adaptive. And surely, it won't work in any dialogue box. For both features, you could use Typinator/TextExpander/aText/TypeIt4Me.

I've never been able to test Spell Catcher (it's not supported anymore) but it surely does sound interesting (it doesn't require you to define a trigger, like 'iaw'):

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