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Iḿ on the payphone

One of my favourite songs

The Iḿ is I am, and itś because we have a nice 11" very low budget (264 Euro) Chromebook now.

Nice piece of hardware.

Where can I log in to CT Online Server?

In the meantime (but woldn't it make sense to invest in more RAM?).

Very interesting. I'll hack the children's Chromebook this summer holiday.

Au printemps (in the meantime): will there be a server version of CafeTran or should 'one' use TeamViewer?

CafeTran is Java

Servers can run Java

Igor is a genius

Kevin knows a lot about servers (aka TM-Town)

So, how about an online version of CafeTran?

I'm not saying that there should be one, just wondering.

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