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Tool tips position

I do not know whether his is possible and/or how other programs solve this, but it is highly strange (not to use my favorite word „irritating“) that the tool tips are hiding the sub menus (yes, I know how to switch them off).

See here:


I see that they only pop up once and that they turn off after 5 or 10 seconds.

Wouldn't it be better to turn the to a free space on the left side of the menu or is this illogical?

The tooltips are determined by the underlying look & feel Java library so unless hacked, they cannot be changed. You can turn them off via View > Toolbars > Hide help tips.

Isn't there any trigger/position you need to set? Just to avoid this position, the Look&Feel does not matter.


Isn't there any trigger/position you need to set?

No, there are no such methods in Mac look and feel. Their position is not hiding anything in last level menus so probably turning them off completely in the parent menus might be a good solution.

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