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REQ: Customize KudoZ CSS

I am not a big fan of the KudoZ feature, but it can be of help sometimes. Anyway, it would be nice to have a less bulky design, if you prefer to keep the window rather small.



Like this, you only see one entry at one time. The fields at the left and right side of the term are quite wide. Wouldn't it be nice to have a list with the informations in the green fields displayed

  • below the term(s)
  • at the right, as in any other local glossary
  • totally hidden
  • with the left field (languiage pair) hidden (assuming that you know what you do)

This should be possible with a piece of CSS, but I do not see any possibility to customize this. The tab offers a whole bunch of options, but it is not an "usual" web resource you can edit (and even if, I ignore the CSS names that I could set to "hidden", if any).

An example can be the iOS app window:


Not perfect, but rather leaner.

It sounds interesting. BTW, do you know that you can carry the term search results to the Matchboard and Auto-completion? Right-click at the pane and check "Match exact fragments automatically". The Matchboard provides the cleaner display.

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I should learn to use the matchboard, perhaps.

But a leaner CSS would also be nice for TM town. See here;



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